Twitter is changing. Are you ready?

A couple of important Twitter updates for you and your business:

Images and your 140 characters

You’ll soon be able to get more out of your 140 characters, with images, GIFs and videos soon not counting towards your character limit. Since Twitter started, this annoying insistence has been the pain in the side of marketers everywhere. Halleluiah! You’ll still be limited to 4 images.

What about links? Sadly not included, so if you reference a URL, this will continue to use approx. 23 characters (don’t forget to use tools like and

Retweet yourself

If that’s your thing, you can now retweet or quote tweet your own tweets! Retweet yourself with the Retweet button through your Twitter account or posting tool (ie Hootsuite). Useful for when you want to resurface prior Tweets or quickly reuse already approved content.

Twitter are being quite secretive on when these changes “go live”; the current estimate is 1st October 2016. Of course, I will keep you posted.