Top tips from a tomato for your Instagram account

Instagram is hugely successful because it has an engaged community. As a visual platform, it creates an incredible amount of interaction through the inventiveness of its creators. Unlike Twitter, it’s a visual medium that feeds off original imagery, not retweets (or similar). Instagram, acquired by Facebook in April 2012, is a superb resource that is perfect for your business.

At the latest, Instagram has:

  • 300 million active users
  • More than 70 million new photos per day
  • 5 billion photo likes daily
  • More than 30 billion total photos shared

It’s ability to influence images inspires creativity and inspiration amongst its users; it’s not just the domain of media businesses and the like. Instagram users have pounced on the social media channel’s ability to influence images to share with stakeholders, customers, prospects, friends, colleagues, peers and family members.

Here’s some tops tips for your business:

  • Use hashtags (#) make your post come alive so people can find the posts
  • You can use up to 30 x # per post, and every single business using the channel uses #'s.
  • Here’s a picture of a tomato I grew. Example hashtags: #organic #tomato #fresh #uk #fruit #salad #goodlife #beefsteak #beef #ripe #red #garden #homegrown #tomorite #lush
  • Be provocative with your hashtags, and have fun with it
  • You can’t post links on instagram
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Enjoy the experience.