Breaking news! First hints F1 is joining the 21st century

Tuesday, 14th March 2017 the Formula One world was turned on its head. It wasn’t an incredible innovation or superstar driver swapping teams.

The reason for this amazing revelation? Force India revealed it’s 2017 colour scheme. It’s pink. Scandalous! However, if you read the reaction of many followers in F1, you’d have thought HRH The Queen was now shelf stacking at Tesco.

Many covered the unveiling with real class and saw the real marketing benefits. In recent years, standing out in F1 has become increasingly difficult.  Many of the cars look the same, drivers are kept on a tight leash by media teams and the sport has become a little distant from the paying public.

With Liberty Media relieving Bernie Ecclestone of his dictatorship of the sport, we can expect to see changes within the overarching administration and marketing of the sport, and at team level, Force India looks to have set the ball rolling. Good for them.

In years gone by, the sport I love has struggled to rid the shackles of it insularity. It’s still seen as a male dominated sport, although gender equality is now being encouraged. Keeping fans at arm’s length has also been seen as best practice.. I’m not particularly precious about the colour pink. I’m all for seeing for teams and the sport evolve. It must. When you have media commentators and others mocking Force India’s step, you realise just how far the sport has to go to move into the 20th Century. One day, they’ll meet us other mere mortals in the 21st.

One last thought, i'm not naive to think that there was some tongue in cheek comments made on the release, and that's great, but when much of the feedback is repeated by so many people you have to remember dinosaurs stopped walking the planet millions of years ago. 



IMHO, obviously….